Offers a wide range of Chastity. We carry Steel Chastity Devices, Chastity Devices
with Urethral Inserts, Plastic Chastity Devices, Leather chastity devices,
Silicone Chastity Devices and more. Be sure to Check back often for new
Chastity updates and great specials on Chastity devices.

 Basic Types of Chastity and Chastity Devices

Steel Chastity Devices

Steel Chastity is the most secure Chastity. Add some Steel Chastity Devices to
your collection of Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear to turn that room or basement
into a complete bondage

sanctuary Check out our complete selection of Steel Chastity Devices and
Chastity belts offered at Fetish Toy Box

Plastic Chastity Devices

Plastic Chastity is a comfortable light weight Chastity solution. Use a plastic
Chastity with various Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear to keep you slave craving
more and begging to have the chastity unlocked.

Chastity Devices with Urethral

Chastity with Urethral Inserts is a very popular option for extreme chastity
play and CBT Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear with inserts can be very stimulating
and secure at the same time. Many of our best selling chastity devices at
Fetish Toy Box include solid or hallow urethral inserts.

Silicone Chastity Devices

BON4 BON4L BON4PLUS Silicone Chastity is similar to the plastic Chastity devices. It is light
weight and comfortable. Silicone Chastity Devices have a little Flexibility to
make them Comfortable and easy to hide. These are great chastity devices to add
to any Bondage Toy collection.

Leather Chastity Devices and
Chastity Belts

Leather chastity is an affordable way to keep your pet in line. With a Leather
chastity device or chastity belt your pet can easily be locked in chastity and
go unnoticed under clothing. Fetish Toy Box offers Chastity for punishment or
for use with a

leash as well as beautiful leather chastity belts that can be worn during fetish
parties for show.