Premium Red and Black Leather Whip

Premium Red and Black Leather Whip
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  • Item #: FJF206
  • Manufacturer: Strict Leather

Demand respect and obedience with this great looking red and black whip! Make sure your every word is followed by inflicting some pain to your disobedient sub. With a long handle, this whip is easy to handle and maneuver to get that nice crack! The long tail is flexible and incorporates a few long strips at the tip for added sting on impact. This whip gives a stunning look with its braided design from high quality leather. At the bottom of the handle there is an additional leather loop to help with quick and easy storage.


  • Entire Whip: Approximately 45.5 inches long
  • Handle: 8.5 inches long
  • Tail: 32 inches long
  • Leather Strips at Tip: 5 inches long
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Price $69.40
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